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Earthcolors technology

Natural waste-based dyes

Award   GOLD WINNER 2017
Kategorie   Innovation Nachhaltigkeit
Firma   Archroma

Earthcolors is Archroma's patented new method of creating warm ternary shades from nature. These high performance dyes are synthesized from natural waste products of the agriculture and herbal industries, such as almond shells and rosemary leaves. This technology replaces oil-based raw materials, typically used during dyestuff manufacture, opening a 'step-change' in coloration. Earthcolors are available in a range of six dyes, covering a palette of natural shades. Thanks to smart technology, Earthcolors dyes are fully traceable -from natural waste material to store- Earthcolors dyes are currently suitable for cellulosic fibers and innovative sustainable new fibers such as Kapok.

Sehr gute Bewertungen bei folgenden Kriterien

  • Innovationsgrad
  • Design
  • Nachhaltigkeit

Jury Statement

Beim Färben von Textilien kommt üblicherweise viel Chemie zum Einsatz. Die Earthcolors sind aus unserer Sicht deshalb eine wichtige Innovation und ein großer Schritt in Richtung mehr Nachhaltigkeit.

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