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The First FITcustomizable boot

Award   WINNER 2017
Kategorie   Schuhe
Firma   Tecnica

TECNICA introduces FORGE and C.A.S. technology. The boot has some thermoform-able inserts in the key areas, heel, arch and ankle and a fully thermo-formable footbed for an incredible personalized arch support. In only 20 minutes, thanks to a patent-pending system, it can be adapted on the feet of each customer. This operation can be done in each of our partner stores. It also features a fully anatomic last for out of the box fit, an overlap cuff design to reduce pressure points and allow a better customization in that sensitive area. It has a Self-Locking lace design where classic metal hooks are replaced with high-tenacity Kevlar, which in combination with a rugged surface lace, self-locks.

Sehr gute Bewertungen bei folgenden Kriterien

  • Innovationsgrad
  • Funktionalität
  • Design

Jury Statement

Der Forge ist ein echter Custom-Made-Bergschuh. Es ist toll, wie schnell sich das Schuhinnere durch Thermoforming dem Fuß anpassen lässt.

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