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OutDoor 2014’s Hall of Visions to showcase future fashion trends

The OutDoor trends show will present the latest colours, cuts and designs for the next season

Friedrichshafen, Germany - At the 21st OutDoor trade fair from 10 to 13 July 2014 in Friedrichshafen a new trends show will take the place of the previous joint fashion show. The new series of events is all about the up-and-coming colours, designs, fabrics and cuts for the next season. "This new concept lets us present emerging trends to retailers so that they have a better idea of what to order”, stresses Dirk Heidrich, project manager of OutDoor.

To spot the trends at this new OutDoor show a survey of all the exhibitors will be carried out first. International scouts, fashion specialists and journalists, as well as trend agencies are equally involved in the procedure. The results will be combined to form the OutDoor trend show to be performed three times a day in the Hall of Visions (hall A2). Modern projection techniques, like video mapping and visuals, will complement the models and enable a complex but concise taster of the fashion trends in the outdoor segment. Permanent trend windows will also provide an insight into what will be in vogue in the future. Each of these windows will be devoted to and visualise one trend by using examples, drawings and explanatory texts. The visitors will also be receiving a booklet which includes a summary of the trends in a compact form, selected brands integrated as examples and drawings to make fashion come alive in a vivid way. Lounge areas and lounge seating will allow visitors to relax and chat to one another. Bouldering and sports competitions will be part of the Hall of Visions as well and contain some of the Tent City exhibition from the Rothaus hall A1.

For further information go to: www.outdoor-show.de

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