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Golden times for the outdoor industry

35 OutDoor Industry Awards in 2014 - seven in gold:

Friedrichshafen - At the start of the OutDoor trade show the curtain is raised to reveal which companies received one of the 35 OutDoor Industry Awards. The awards go to products and technologies that demonstrate a particularly high degree of innovation and design quality and that have the potential to set new trends. In addition, there are seven gold awards this year for exceptionally outstanding products. Details of the prestigious gold awards are announced during the official prize ceremony at the end of the first day of the show.

The OutDoor Industry Award is one of the highest design prizes available to companies in the outdoor industry. This year the expert panel of judges reviewed 361 products, 35 were selected to receive an award and there were seven gold awards. "The OutDoor Industry Award honours innovative products that represent an exceptional achievement. They have the potential to become future trendsetters in the outdoor industry. Among these OutDoor Industry Award winners are products that set new benchmarks for the entire industry. These products are the gold award winners,” explained Stefan Reisinger, Head of OutDoor.

The OutDoor Industry 2014 Gold Award winners are:

Atmos AG 65 from Osprey
The new Atmos AG 65 from Osprey features a new suspended AntiGravity carry system and a fully ventilated hipbelt. The seamless mesh panel over a three-dimensional cavity in the backplate provides optimal ventilation and a precise fit for individual body shape.

Jury statement: "At first sight, Osprey’s Atmos AG 65 made us curious as a jury. The promising initial impression is confirmed when you put it on your back. The full-contact carry system literally covers the back and hips, but still allows good ventilation even when heavily loaded. With this carry system, Osprey has embarked on an interesting new approach, which requires no foam pads.”

100 % plant-based PES from Toray
Toray is introducing its 100 % plant-based polyester fabric for the first time at the OutDoor 2014. Based on 30 % molasses and 70 % plant-based paraxylene, it represents a paradigm shift in the textile industry.

Jury statement: "With the first PES made from 100% plant materials, Toray has succeeded in making an important innovation. The fact that the plant-based fibres are chemically absolutely identical with polyester on a crude-oil basis makes the advantages of this sustainable material immediately apparent.”

Speed Ascent by Salewa
With the Speed Ascent, Salewa is catering for a new generation of hikers, who focus on speed and performance. The curved forefoot section and rocker-profile sole allow greater speed on ascents and more comfort and stability on descents.

Jury statement: "The Speed Ascent provides a noticeably different feel when running due to its new sole construction. The shoe is very comfortable. The lacing system also takes into account anatomical features and can be adjusted in a large variety of ways.”

HyperSmock 2.0 by Berghaus
The Berghaus HyperSmock 2.0 is designed for outdoor athletes who regularly push it to the limit. This jacket weighs only 76 grams (size L) and has a 15,000 mm hydrostatic head and 10,000 MVTR breathabilty.

Jury statement: "Berghaus has again managed to significantly reduce the weight of an already lightweight previous model. Weighing just 76 grams, this could be one of the lightest fully waterproof and breathable jackets on the market. The fit is exceptionally good, given the minimalist concept. Berghaus did very well with the hood design in particular.”

Winter Gas by Primus
Conventional gas canisters do not perform as well in colder temperatures. The new Winter Gas fuel from Primus works in temperatures down to -22 °C. Its unique innovation is the Vapour Mesh inside the cartridge. Vapour Mesh is made from absorbent paper and increases the surface area for the evaporation process. As a result, the gas changes state from liquid to gas much easier and faster.

Jury statement: "Due to the existing regulations for gas mixtures for outdoor stoves, problems often occur at very cold temperatures. Primus is now offering different cartridges for different seasons and has improved combustibility in extreme sub-zero temperatures with a special mesh insert.”

Alpha² FL Men’s by Arc‘teryx
The Arc’teryx Alpha² FL Men’s approach shoe represents a completely new shoe concept. Its separate inner shoe and one-piece laminated upper provide optimal fit and durability.

Jury statement: "This shoe features a separate liner that can be removed for drying or for use as a hut shoe. The wearer can choose between a short or a long liner depending on the situation and activity.”

The Fuseform™ Originator Jacket from The North Face (TNF)
The North Face’s FuseFormTM jacket uses a new fabric construction technique that weaves different fibres into different zones. This method makes it possible to add Cordura and standard nylon fibres to a fabric with requiring extra seams.

Jury statement: "The manufacturer has succeeded here in implementing a new, innovative form of textile mapping. During the weaving process, different fibres are injected into a fabric at various points. The result is a remarkable material, which enables seamless mapping zones.”
The OutDoor Industry Award is held by Messe Friedrichshafen this year for the first time in association with the German Designer Club (DDC). "The OutDoor Industry Award is proof of the high level of design, sustainability and above all technical innovation of the products in this industry. For us at the DDC, it was an exciting challenge to organise the award and accompany the expert panel during the decision making process,” said Michael Eibes, designer and DDC president.

All 35 winners of the OutDoor Industry Award, including the gold award winners, are on display until the last day of the show (Sunday, July 13, 2014) in the Foyer East. Further information at: www.outdoor-show.de/od-de/programm/industry-award.php.
Biographies of the judges for the OutDoor Industry Award 2014

Mark Held is the Managing Director of the European Outdoor Group (EOG), an association that was founded by the 19 largest outdoor companies in the world in 2003 In addition, he represents the outdoor industry in the FESI (Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry). Mark has been active in the outdoor industry since 1983 - among other things, as the head of product development at Berghaus and the Lowe Alpine Group.

Boris Gnielka has been an editor and equipment tester for outdoor magazine in Stuttgart since 2000. A passionate hiker, climber and mountaineer, he started working in outdoor retail and writing for travel and equipment publications as a freelance author while completing his studies in business management.

Ingalill Forslund Editor-in-chief at Utemagasinet in Sweden, the largest outdoor magazine in Scandinavia. Her office is located in Åre in the Swedish mountains, a leading ski resort. Ingalill lives in exactly the right place, as she is a passionate skier, both cross country and downhill. Utemagasinet presents a gear test in each issue, from tents to headlamps and skis to raingear and backpacks.

Christian Nothdurfter has been with Sportler AG since 1977, i.e. right from the start. He currently holds the position Purchasing Manager Mountaineering and Winter Sports. Christian is a passionate mountaineer, skier and climbers - all sports that are easy to pursue in South Tyrol where he lives. As such, he lives and breathes what he does and tests large numbers of products personally.

Jürg Buschor has worked since 1996 as a journalist and publisher in the outdoor business. He publishes the Swiss magazine Outdoor Guide, Freeride Maps (topographic maps for freeriders) and Supertrail Maps (topographic maps for mountain bikers). As editor-in-chief, he is working closely with publisher Stefan Glowacz on the launch of All Mountain magazine. Jürg has authored several books on mountain biking and freeriding and contributes as a freelance journalist to the outdoor section of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung NZZ and other publications. He lives in the Swiss mountains and seizes every spare moment to go mountain biking, kayaking, trekking, skiing or climbing.
Lars Schneider comes from Hamburg and has been working as an outdoor photographer and journalist for 15 years, as such he is often on location for different clients all over the world. Lars is passionate about and actively involved in all the sports that he photographs and writes about. This makes his work particularly authentic. For more information visit www.outdoor-visions.com.

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