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Statements OutDoor 2014

Rolf Schmid, President of the European Outdoor Group (EOG) and CEO Mammut Sports Group:
"Much has been said about economic issues and whether there is a likely change in the fortunes of the outdoor industry, yet once again OutDoor has shown that the industry is growing, that the attitude is almost universally upbeat and that we are as determined as ever to use every single opportunity that the OutDoor fair provides us with.  A great atmosphere and another great OutDoor to add to the 21-year-old list of brilliant events.”

Mark Held, Managing Director of the European Outdoor Group (EOG):
"This year’s OutDoor trade fair was once again the perfect opportunity for the industry to celebrate the community spirit, innovation and positivity that the outdoor sector is famous for.  It was a great show, the mood really lively and the talk almost everywhere about positive opportunities.  Thanks again to the team at Messe Friedrichshafen and for the warm welcome from the local community.”

Rolf Reinschmidt, Senior Vice President adidas Outdoor:
"We’re very pleased with how things have gone at this year’s show and visitor numbers at our stand. Feedback from retailers regarding the new terrex collection is extremely positive. This once again underlines the importance of the OutDoor as a platform for adidas Outdoor. It’s great to be here - we’re looking forward to coming back next year.”

Reiner Gerstner, Group Brand Marketing Director Oberalp Group:
"We’re delighted with how well things have gone. The quality of discussions continues to grow. Things are looking good for both the industry and the trade show. The OutDoor is an important platform to re-establish relationships at a personal level, especially as they have become more internet-based in recent years. It is also important to have an event for end users - as brands we should not just be communicating with our customers through digital channels. Face-to-face customer contact with is vital. It’s the best means of communicating emotions and involving customers in our brand world. We feel that a public day would be a step in the right direction.”
Herbert Horelt, Country Manager Germany Haglöfs:

"It’s been a great show. The quality of visits has been outstanding.”

John Jansen, Head of Keen EMEA:
"We’re delighted with OutDoor 2014. We’ve been very busy and have met all our retailers.” Coming to Friedrichshafen also gives us the chance to do some exceptional things. It’s always great to be here.”

Gary Smith, CEO Polartec:
"OutDoor 2014 has been very positive for Polartec. Our brand partners look to us to help them achieve differentiation in an otherwise crowded market. Our continuous focus on innovation through the science of fabric allows us to develop unique solutions for each of them. OutDoor Friedrichshafen creates the ideal environment for us to collaborate with new and existing brand partners.”

Jürgen Kurapkat, Public Relations W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH:
"The show has been a big success. We had more interested dealers and media representatives at our stands than ever. The new Gore-Tex Surround technology for outdoor footwear has obviously hit the mark. Our brand partners have also given it prominence on their stands. The OutDoor provides a central platform for the industry, just as we do for our partners, retailers and media representatives.”

Stefan Glowacz, top climber and co-founder/managing director Red Chili:
"The OutDoor plays a central role in how we present our brand. Climbing is experiencing enormous growth with more and more climbing gyms and boulder walls. Climbing equipment is now used all year round. This has proved advantageous to retailers, especially when the ski season is poor. The OutDoor is an important meeting point with our retailers and partners. The show provides us with an opportunity to make new contacts, in particular for distribution channels abroad - and to develop new ideas. We especially appreciate the open and friendly atmosphere, the exchange of ideas and the spirit of fairness between competing brands. It’s this focus on the outdoor sector that makes it much more relaxing - no other sporting goods trade fair is like it. Working here is always enjoyable. We see the OutDoor as far more than just a must-attend event, it’s also great fun and a source of inspiration.”
Steffen Sator, Managing Director Out-Trade GmbH:
"We made lots of new contacts and generated lots of new customers at this year’s outdoor. It has really lived up to our expectations. We feel that it was a good idea to concentrate the kayak segment in the Foyer West. It’s clear that many dealers are rediscovering water sports. We are seeing increasing interest and a noticeable improvement in this segment. We’ve also been really pleased with the amount of interest from the media. As such, we hope that Messe Friedrichshafen keeps this new plan for water sports plan and maintains a detailed focus in future. We’re very pleased with the way things have gone in 2014.”

Mike J. Joyce, PrimaLoft President and CEO:
"I thought the show was well organized and layout and spacing of the booths and walkways were good. The major theme in the show has been technology, innovation and ways to differentiate. All in all, I felt the show was well attended and the PrimaLoft booth was very busy during the show. This mirrors that the outdoor market globally continues to grow. The US market is very strong bolstered by a long cold winter along with the US economy improving. The European market is surprisingly positive. Even with a warm winter and economic stagnation, the attitude of the brands and retailers is quite positive and Asia continues to grow. With growing incomes people now can better enjoy the outdoors and afford technical apparel and hard goods.”

Andy Schimeck, Managing Director Marmot Mountain Europe:
"In general, we’re very pleased with the way that that this year’s OutDoor has gone. We had successful talks with the right people. The outdoor industry might be in more of a consolidation phase at present with sales not growing quite as quickly, but this does not apply to our hardware segment and we are positive about the future. Everyone involved in the industry has to be here.”

Christian Ludwig, Country Manager Germany Light My Fire Sweden:
"It’s been a great OutDoor. As far as media interest goes, the press tour the day before the show opened gave us a great kick start. It generated lots of press appointments at the stand, including a TV crew and live coverage. Interest from customers has been really positive; we’ve had loads of contacts here and not just existing customers. We’ve also been successful in finding new distributors and generating important follow-up business and interesting appointments. We’re a small family company with our own production facilities and represent a small niche, yet we’re a strong, well-known brand and represented in 52 countries. Attending such a large trade show has really helped us to move things on and has been important for establishing and building the brand raising brand awareness. Ever since we started showing at the OutDoor, we’ve experienced positive growth.”

Maria Zamberlan, CEO Zamberlan:
"It’s gone well. We’ve really enjoyed the high-quality interest and professional customers and the huge interest in our products. In addition, we celebrated our 85th anniversary and had the chance to meet up with a lot of friends.”

Tessa Grunwald, Marketing Coordinator Icebreaker GmbH:
"It’s been a good OutDoor. Both retailers and visitors were enthusiastic about our product range and liked the new colours and innovations. Our innovative new men’s shirts even picked up an award, which also generated additional media interest. We’re really pleased with the feedback from dealers. And we’re looking forward to a successful 2015 summer season. Interest in our annual innovations remains high out there - we’re at the front of the pack and feel confident about the future.”

Maximilian Briem, Marketing Coordinator Calida Group Mountain & Outdoor Division (Lafuma, Millet, Eider and Killy):
"The OutDoor has been fantastic. Retail visits were extensive and we also experienced considerable interest for Millet from new customers. Demand for hardware has increased in particular - which reflects our heritage.”

Luca Pedrotti, CEO AICAD S.r.l. and President Italian Outdoor Group (IOG):
"The OutDoor has been an outstanding platform for the Italian Outdoor Group in order to meet and strengthen our international contacts - in particular at our traditional breakfast event, but also on the stands of new members of the strong Italian brands.”

Alex Koska, Vice President Global Sales Fenix Outdoor AB Publ.:
"The first one and half days were exceptional. We saw everyone we had hoped to see. Things then quietened down a bit. We believe that the Fenix group is performing above the industry average.”
David Heath, Vice President Product and Brand Marketing Berghaus:
"Lots of opportunities for our brand and many new stands with more competition at the show. The necessity of unique positions is becoming more important. Brands have to differentiate and position themselves. Performance, innovation and adventure - just like our slogan - are what is needed.”

Magnus Welander, CEO Thule Sweden:
 "The Outdoor Fair is one of the key places to be present in Europe for players like ourselves that want to reach the sport- and outdoor industry with their product offer. Fairs like OutDoor, ISPO and OutDoor Retailer in Salt Lake City are key for us to meet the industry and drive our business.”

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