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Hall assignment

Hall overview OutDoor 2014

Rothaus Hall A1

Tent City

Hall A2

Tent City, OutDoor TREND SHOW, bouldering wall

Hall A3

Clothes, backpacks, sleeping bags, travel food, mountaineering/climbing equipment, impregnation, first aid kit, shoes, tents, water preparation, accessories

Hall A4

Clothes, fabrics and fibres, textile accessories

Hall A5

Clothes, tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, mountaineering equipment, camping gear, textile accessories, cameras, accessories, Scandinavian Village, Scandinavian Outdoor Group

Hall A6

Shoes and shoe accessories, socks/stockings, walking sticks

Hall A7

Clothes, textile, shoes, backpacks, climbing equipment, mountaineering equipment, sleeping bags, tents, accessories

Hall B1

Backpacks, sleeping bags, clothes, first aid kit, travel equipment, care products, impregnation, rescue technologies, navigation systems, cameras, accessories

Hall B2

Mountaineering/climbing equipment, backpacks, sleeping bags, rescue technologies, shoes, clothes

Hall B3

Mountaineering/climbing equipment, camping gear, backpacks, tents, clothes, accessories

Hall B4

Clothes, fabrics and fibres, shoes, textile accessories

Hall B5

Clothes, shoes, backpacks, sleeping bags, camping gear, tents, accessories

Open Air Grounds West

Tents, clothes, camping equipment, mountaineering equipment, OutDoor Party, Flying Fox, FEEL GOOD Lounge by GORE-TEX® Products

Open Air Grounds East

Slackline, climbing, rope course and accessories, Healthy food bar

Entrance / Foyer West

Trade visitor registration, Intersport, merchandising systems, shop furnishings, software, publishers, job and business relationships market, specialist literature, Service Center,
Paddle Expo: canoe, kaya & water sports

Entrance / Foyer East

Trade visitor registration, project managment, service center, OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD, EOCA European Outdoor Conservation Association, publishers

Passage East

Sport 2000/Outdoor Profis, publishers, trend agencies

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